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On April 26, 1986, at 1:23:43, a dreadful accident never witnessed before by the world community occured at 4th block of the Chernobyl nuclear power station.

            Posing at risk their lives and the first ones to fight the invisible nuclear monster were firefighters of three firebrigades: VPCH 2 responsible for CNPP protection, SVPCH 6 responsible for safety of Prypyat, PPCH 17 responsible for safety of Chernobyl.

            Firefighters from Kyiv, Cherksassy, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk joined their Chernobyl colegues.

            Owing to the courageous actions of the firefighters a fire was axtinguished. Many among the firefighters paid their lives, others grew invalids and are in extreme need of urgent medical assistance.


Chernobyl accident is a major XX century havoc which spread its malignant metastasis into XXI century. Since a child in the womb of a woman is its victim. Many of those born are doomed to congenital diseases. Thinking of our kids future in the XXI century people should not be indifferent to this dreadful misfortune which befell not only Ukraine, but all Europe. For the invisible monster is continuing its black deed.

            Owing to the courageous actions of the Chernobyl accident firefighters our independent state and we personally stay alive. A lot of them paid their lives to prevent Ukraine from becoming Hirosima or Nagasaki and saving our souls from non-existence. Many of the firefighters grew invalids and their children are in extreme need of urgent medical assistance.

            We should not let them pass away untimely for lack of medical assistance, shortage of medicine or attention of compatriots.

            There has been established NGO Chernobyl Fighters consisting of widows of the former Soviet Union Heroes, Heroes of Ukraine, fighters which first took part in fire extinguishing at the 4th  block of the nuclear power plant as well as firefighters which directly participated in Chernobyl break down elimination. The main purpose of this NGO is to unite citizens in an effort to meet their wishes and protect their legal social, economic, cultural and other common interests.

            We kindly ask for an act of charity and do what one can to help.

            Chernobyl invalids, widows and their children thank you in advance for your responsiveness to peoples misfortune.

            May God bless you for good deed in the name of suffering.

Yours faithfully,

Chairman of the NGO Chernobyl fighters                                                                 Ivan Kovalchuk


Account 26007104111400


Single State Registry of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine 34902845

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